Zombie Zombie

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When it rains it pours. Only this time it's not cats and dogs. This time it is raining zombies.

Fortunately for Blobby, when the zombie rain comes he is save and snug in his vacation cave. The town and massive underground complex previously inhabited by this friends and family is now overrun by zombies.

While everyone else cowers, hiding in factories and any hidy hole they can find, Mr. B is on the job ridding his beloved town of zombies.

And, he can use your help. Guide Blobby through 25 levels of industrial and underground complexes removing any wandering zombies you may find.

You have flame and bombs at your disposal. Use the 'w' button to switch back and forth.

There will be jumping, running back and forth, killing of zombies, and even the periodic dip in a healing pool.

All of this awaits you in Zombie, Zombie.