Varney the Vampire

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The Sisters of Garlic deep in the Monastery of Mondane hold Varney the Vampire and his vampire brethren and sistren captive.

Good news for the vampires, bad news for the sisters -- Varney has escaped. Now, he is on a mission to save each and every trapped comrade.

To free his flappy furry friends (a.k.a. vampire bats) from the sister's hypnotic domination, Varney gives each a bit of his own blood. This revives the bats ushering them on their way to freedom.

To keep his own life up, Varney quickly refills by eating a sister or two. Actually it takes two sisters to replenish the sacrificed blood for each bat.

Once Varney's vampire bat buddies are out from under hypnotic control they will head straight toward the exit.

Whenever Varney dies the current room will reset. This is useful if the current puzzle becomes unsolveable because of bat deaths or other calamity.