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Escape Castle Pigeonstein. Make your way through 25 levels of vicious pigeon guards. Well, maybe not vicious. Perhaps stern would be a better description. In any case, you have to get past them to find your way out of Pigeonstein.

Pigeonstein is designed for a fun play anytime you have a few minutes to spare. Translate: It's not gonna put too much stress on the old head gear. The game starts over each time you begin, so if you want to see the end you'll need to persist a little.

On your expedition through Pigeonstein you have fingers, wits, and five different weapons. To change weapons use the "w" button. This will toggle through (in carousel fashion) all the weapons -- Bullets, Bomb, Fire Ball, Rocket, and Laser. So yes there is shooting. However, when an antagonist is dispatched they simply poof -- go up in a small cloud of smoke. No clean-up on aisle 12.

If you'd like to turn off the Hud (heads up display) that shows your score, just press the "H" button.

Be sure to try the Tab key :) This can be very useful. Especially when navigating those pits you gonna run into.