Flying Pigs

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One reason you don't see a lot of flying pigs is they can be dummer than stumps. Fortunately this is not true of all flying pigs. Howard (the hero of our game) is one of those most exceptional flying pigs. Not only is Howard way above average in the good sense and intelligence department, he also is gainfully employed in the video game industry as an avatar.

Meet Howard and work with him on his mission to guide all his flying pig buddies to the nearest exit.

All it takes is a little bump on the belly to get them moving to the exit.

Careful not to shoot them. They will forget all about the exit and chase you. But, then again, this might be a good trick for getting them out of tight spots. Spoiler alert: turns out you'll need to definitely use this bump shoot bump shoot combination to get past the last four levels.

Flying Pigs is not overly difficult. It's designed for a bit of fun anytime you have a few minutes to spare. The game starts at the beginning each time you begin, so if you want to see the end you'll need to persist a little.

As you help Howard escort his flying pig buddies, you will have nimble fingers, wits, and two different weapons -- miniature projectiles (we are not sure of what) and a bomb. To switch weapons use the "w" button. This will toggle back and forth from bullets to bombs. So yes there is some shooting. But only mild suggestions to chase you so that you can lead them out of a tight corner. What is the bomb for? That's in case you get totally stuck and want to restart the level. Just blow yourself back to the beginning.

If you'd like to turn off the Hud (heads up display) that shows your score, just press the "H" button.

By the way, don't worry about the Tab key. It is normally used to fly. But flying pigs are pretty much always flying :)